Mochi X CJOW

I met Mochi during my first year in CalArts. Our creative styles clicked instantly. His music often has a meditational yet eerie undertone which i love.  Later he moved to Philly but we remained in contact. Throughout the past four years I have used his music to complement my animation projects and in return I would provide background visuals for his performances. 

He is one of my favorite people to collaborate with. It is a honor to be asked to do his album art for his latest project- 


I was looking through my old paintings and I found this portrait I did of my grandpa five years ago. 

My grandfather been in the ICU since last November. I got to visit him in the hospital the past winter in Taiwan. When I saw him bone skinny lying on the hospital bed with a breathing tube, I couldn't help but to burst into to tears. To be honest I can't say I've ever been that close with my grandparents. Even though I often travel to Taiwan to visit my extended family, my grandpa only speaks Taiwanese dialect where as I can only speak Mandarin; the language barrier always made it difficult for us to create a strong bond. So I was surprised how when I saw him I felt so broken. Maybe it was from guilt that I didn't try harder to have a relationship with him, that maybe him lying suffering in the hospital will be the last memory I will share with him. 

I'm not sure.

My mother been in Taiwan the past two months taking care of my grandpa. Her goal is to take him to back to his hometown at least once. Yet as I talk to her on the phone, I feel like she's loosing hope. 

The smiley face of grandpa from the portrait seems so distant now. Yet all I can do is to keep him in my prayers and try to keep that image of him alive. 

A Month till Graduation

I had my graduation review yesterday morning. I had a pretty positive review.  I will be getting my bachelors degree in exactly a month....May 13 (also Friday the 13th) feeling bitter sweet about the idea. 

Everyone has their own experience with school but I've gained a lot from my time in CalArts. When I first toured the CalArts campus when I was 15 years old,  I knew I had to come here.  What made me what to go to an art school verses a traditional university for my undergrad was because the people who I met who went to art schools seem so passionate about their creative practice. The students are sacrificing the "typical college experience"-no frats, no sororities, no big sports games. Rather they choose to emerge themselves into their creative practice.

It's definitely not for everyone. Even within different art school theirs different cultures. Some art schools focus more on design or craftsmanship whereas CalArts leans more towards the conceptual side of art. The school provides the students a lot of room for creative exploration. During my first year in CalArts I joked that it seems like all the weird art kids that you were afraid to socialize with in high school all thrown in a building and now you need to socialize with them to survive.  Some people hate it, they prefer having more concrete structure and guidance. I agree sometimes it can be scary not to have a set framework but I enjoy the the artistic freedom that CalArts offers. In the beginning it was a bit overwhelming. All the students come from different backgrounds but they are all so talented. Yet what I find that really helps is that school has a strong support system even through different disciplinary  schools( art, film/video, music, dance, theater, critical studies). CalArts has a strong sense of both community and individuality. Even though everyone has their own unique interest and styles, it helped complement with their peers. 

In the past four years I learned a lot about myself as an artist and as an individual. I made life-long friendships and had the pleasure to work with wonderful encouraging professors. Of course there were times that weren't that great. But those tough times also gave my CalArts experience more character.

Even though I'm leaving CalArts in a month and going into USC grad school in the fall, I'll always be a CalArtian first. 


Digital Expo 2016

I've always been impress by the work from the CalArts Digital Expo so I thought for my last year, I'll try to participate. 

I'm excited that I got accepted!  yayyy.

The project is Due May 5. I'm planning to make a poly-dome containing multiple different abstract elements with layers of textures. Then I'll projection map different moving imagery in different sections within the dome. I want to explore how different textures react with light and how different elements can possibly interact with each other. The project is my exploration on "sculpting with light"

several X-acto blades were sacrificed in the construction of the dome. 

Now I'm designing the interior of the Dome and hopefully I can move on to doing some projection test by next week. *fingers crossed*




so I guess this is my first blog post on this site.

It feels as intimidating as sketching on the first page of a sketchbook....

So it's Saturday morning and it's towards the end of my spring break. Although it doesn't feel much like a break, I spent most of the time working on my thesis film- "Mask." Yet I'm surprised I'm not resisting the film yet. I'm done shooting majority of the scenes and I'm anxious to see how it turns out. It will be my first stop-motion film.

It's crazy. This week I saw on my Facebook newfeed the "memeories recap" (or whatever it's called, the thing that shows you what you post before on the same date) that I was in Vienna exactly a year ago. Last Spring I was studying abroad in FAMU International in Prague. I took a class on acting theories and learned about the Jacques Lecoq's Neutral Mask acting technique. I remember doing the reading on him on the train from Prague to Vienna and I knew I wanted to make a film based on the technique. 

From the initial spark of inspiration, this film been a year in the making. (Although most of the time was on preproduction. haha.) The film is conceptual, but I hope it can still be read. It will be about 2 and half minutes. I don't want the audience to focus on the narrative but the emotions it provokes. Personally I feel like the meaning of the film has been constantly been changing for me. I sometimes feel as if filmmaking is like therapy, it's challenging me to exam all angles of a theme and what it holds for me as an individual .

the key feelings/phrases I want the film to posses:

raw, rough, polished, artist-touch, eerie, home, lostness, creepy,

and beautiful.