so I guess this is my first blog post on this site.

It feels as intimidating as sketching on the first page of a sketchbook....

So it's Saturday morning and it's towards the end of my spring break. Although it doesn't feel much like a break, I spent most of the time working on my thesis film- "Mask." Yet I'm surprised I'm not resisting the film yet. I'm done shooting majority of the scenes and I'm anxious to see how it turns out. It will be my first stop-motion film.

It's crazy. This week I saw on my Facebook newfeed the "memeories recap" (or whatever it's called, the thing that shows you what you post before on the same date) that I was in Vienna exactly a year ago. Last Spring I was studying abroad in FAMU International in Prague. I took a class on acting theories and learned about the Jacques Lecoq's Neutral Mask acting technique. I remember doing the reading on him on the train from Prague to Vienna and I knew I wanted to make a film based on the technique. 

From the initial spark of inspiration, this film been a year in the making. (Although most of the time was on preproduction. haha.) The film is conceptual, but I hope it can still be read. It will be about 2 and half minutes. I don't want the audience to focus on the narrative but the emotions it provokes. Personally I feel like the meaning of the film has been constantly been changing for me. I sometimes feel as if filmmaking is like therapy, it's challenging me to exam all angles of a theme and what it holds for me as an individual .

the key feelings/phrases I want the film to posses:

raw, rough, polished, artist-touch, eerie, home, lostness, creepy,

and beautiful.